175/365 – Diet goals

So around six months after setting myself some challenging diet goals, I’ve fallen back into some unhealthy habits. As this post from January sets out, I did some reasearch into the food groups that could be causing my body additional strain and inflaming my MG.    The product of that research was a gluten and dairy free diet cutting down on red meat and sugar. It was a tough ask and right from the start was meant to be a trial to see how my body responded. 

I’ve been consistent in two of the challenges and failed miserably at the other two. 

My success stories are:

  • I’ve replaced gluten and wheat products for free from alternatives and have stuck to this pretty consistently with a few occasional glutinous treats here and there. 
  • I’ve significantly cut down on my red meat consumption and very rarely have it now. 

My failures are:

  • While I’ve replaced yoghurts for soya alternatives, and for a while switched cows milk to the almond substitute, I struggle to exist without cheese and semi skimmed in my coffee. While I’ve tried to eat goat’s cheese wherever possible, sometimes a slice of Roquefort or Brie is just too damn tempting. It turns out life is too short to deprive myself of good cheese and good coffee.
  • I have failed spectacularly at cutting down sugar. I have succeeded in switching my work time sugary treat to 70% dark chocolate and Nakd-type bars which are made of natural sugars. But, it’s in the evenings that I’ve struggled to have resolve. This continue failure of giving into cravings, often absent mindedly, has shown me how severe my sugar addiction is. I struggle to get through a single day without some kind of sugary treat – I hate feeling that anything has control over me but I think this well and truly does.

Aside from these points, I’ve also been more conscious about the amount of potassium and magnesium I’m eating. This has been relatively easy as I tended to eat a lot of things containing these anyway, but now I’m just more conscious of it.

What’s next?

I’ve looked at a few different options over the last six months to see if there is a better diet out there. I’ve looked at low carb options, like the ketogenic diet, as someone in the MG community said it had worked for them. Personally, the more I looked into it the less sure I was. I’ve also looked at trying the 5:2 for a short term fix as eating little for a couple of days is meant to give your body time to heal and recover. However, it would be difficult to do this and not feel sick with the amount of medication I’m taking at present. 

While I’ve come to terms with the fact that diet alone isn’t going to control my medication, when I eat healthily I definitely feel stronger and better. I’m going to stick with the gluten free and no red meat. Most importantly, after this weekend I’m going to try to get this sugar addiction of mine under control.

Read more about diet and myasthenia gravis here. 

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