178/365 – Being silly in the sun 

Today I have been rather silly during the start of this heatwave. Travelling to Birmingham for work, the room we were booked in for the day was extremely hot and stuffy as the temperature soared past 20. After lunch, we decided to take our meeting outside and sat out in the sunshine for the afternoon section of our discussions.

As I wrote about in post 68, taking aziathioprine increases your chances of getting skin cancer. Therefore, it is essential to cover up skin, with either clothes or factor 50, when the sun is high. In my rush to catch my train this morning, I forgot to pack suncream and spent far too long catching rays unprotected. 

This is another example of things I’m jealous of – people who can enjoy being out in the sun without worrying. While everyone should use suncream, it is less dangerous for some people not to.

Thankfully, I’ve learned my lesson from today – I think I’ll have a few nasty sunburn marks tonight.  For the rest of this heat wave week, I will be careful to carry my sun block and a light long sleeve shirt wherever I go. 

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