179/365 – Heat wave and myasthenia

In case you haven’t heard, the south of England is in the midst of a heat wave. Today, temperatures in London are meant to reach 33 degrees – already on my walk to work this morning it was a baking 25 degrees.  

There is no suitable clothing to wear for this kind of heat in the city. As you can see from today’s photo, I’ve tried to wear as little as possible. Yet my shirt dress is already sticking to me – thank goodness for the air conditioning in my office.

Heat is a problem for people with myasthenia. As symptoms become worse with exertion, and as your body has to work harder in warmer climates, it can increase weakness. Heat can be an issue not just in the sun but also hot showers, baths and even hot drinks can cause a problem. 

I’ve found since being diagnosed with myasthenia that I tire quicker in the sunshine and I find it harder to sleep well in the heat. This double whammy of added exertion increasing weakness and poor quality sleep can be problematic if I try to do too much. 

Today I plan to stay as far away from the sun as possible. I’ve also kept a bottle of water with me at all times and avoided any salty foods as dehydration can reduce muscle efficiency. I am scheduled to have my weekly salsa class with Elaine tonight but whether I go or not will depend on how I’m feeling later. It’s definitely the right climate for salsa dancing, but it’s not the right climate for people with myasthenia.

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