180/365 – Strong is sexy?

When completing my lunch time workout today, I allowed myself to admit that I’m getting weaker. Maybe I’ve been getting weaker for a while, but I could no longer deny it when trying to hold a reverse plank. During my rounds of this excercise, each time I struggled to failing point within 15 seconds. My muscles were shaking instantly and 15 seconds felt like an age by the last few rounds. 

Since increasing my fitness regime after Christmas, I’ve noticed that the number if press ups I can do now is less than the same time the year before. I also have noticed that I’m shaking a lot more when trying to hold strength poses in yoga and sometimes have to stop before the instructor says to do so. But I hadn’t had such a quick fail before and thought I could measure this reverse plank exercise over the next few months to test how I’m doing strength-wise. 

While there was the issue of the heat today, I was indoors in an air conditioned gym having had plenty of water to keep my muscles strong. I think it’s probably time to accept that with the MG I’ll never be as strong as I was before and make sure in not over fatiguing my muscles with strength training.

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