183/365 – What’s next after 365 days of myasthenia 

As I’m now past the halfway mark in this year of blogging, I’ve been thinking about what happens after the 31st of December. While obviously nothing is certain at this point, and it may well be that this blog will remain a product of 2015, I’ve got a couple of ideas which I’m keen to see what you think of. 

I was thinking about:

A) Trying to get people with MG/OMG/CMG from around the world to do seven day stints of blogging about their life. Whether they wanted to do it anonymously, or in the same manner as I have, would be completely up to them. I thought with this, as a community we could try to push the following hashtag to continue to raise awareness of what it’s like to live with MG – #7daysofmyasthenia.

B) Trying to get a similar kind of blog, but again weekly rather than daily, linked to the myasthenia or muscular dystrophy charities.

C) Trying to get a column linked to a health magazine.

D) Keep the blog going but keep it sporadic – when and if I have something new/interesting to write about. 

At the moment, A) is my preference because I think it would be great to have a place to bring the world MG community together and share experiences. It would also showcase how different everyone’s MG is and how diverse people with the condition are. Obviously it would depend on having enough people up for writing for it – would you be interested? If you would be, can you drop me a comment below? 

If you think it could be something you would consider, I would be happy to help in anyway you need – set some guidelines, edit, provide advice about topics etc. 

10 thoughts on “183/365 – What’s next after 365 days of myasthenia ”

  1. Hi!
    I love the idea of seven days of myasthenia! I would really enjoy reading about others experiences and possibly writing about my own through this forum.

  2. Hi, I live in Southern Spain and would be happy to attempt a 7 day blog. I have generalised MG

  3. Hello I am already writing a blog. I was diagnosed last Feb and its been a life changing event. I felt I needed to write about it so my loved ones will understand what I am going through and to help myself heal at the same time.

  4. I also would like to attempt a 7 day blog. I too have ocular MG and live in northern Alberta, Canada.

    I’ve done a bit of online journaling to help me through the ups and downs, mostly when I’m symptomatic.

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