184/365 – Booze ban

Following a weekend where I consumed more alcohol than I should in a month, I’ve decided it’s time for a detox. Cutting anything out completely can be counter-productive, as being told ‘just no’ can lead to an increased desire for whatever it is that’s being withheld. However, my body has felt battered since yesterday morning (pictured above trying to walk off the hangover) and a ban is needed to let some healing happen. 

I also feel inspired by someone on my Facebook page who has MG and has asked for friends and family support to help her limit her alcohol intake indefinitely. Although I’m not ready to say goodbye for good, a couple of weeks off will be heavenly for my tired and broken body. 

I find alcohol has a negative impact on my myasthenia and the after shocks can disrupt my rhythm for days. Normally, following a few too many drinks, I feel exhausted, weak and often my mood is affected. 

As I have a duathlon booked for next Sunday, and at the moment don’t feel prepared mentally or physically for it, the timing is just right. My friend is getting married on July 18th and, between then and now, not having a drink is my goal. Celebrating with her and friends will feel much sweeter for the break.

Read more about alcohol and myasthenia gravis here.

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