187/365 – Who wants to know

How many times have you been told you’ve shared too much information? If you’re anything like me, countless times. However, choosing how much  is too much or too little, when it comes to keeping your loved ones informed about your MG, can be difficult. 

Nobody wants to be that bore that shares the ins and outs of their latest trip to the doctors (oh wait…that’s kind of what this blog is, sorry). But, at the same time, if you don’t keep your nearest and dearest up to speed with your medication and condition, are you being irresponsible? 

I reduced my steroids down by 1mg back to 3mg on Monday. As I’ve been changing my medication dose by 1mg regularly, I didn’t feel the need to share the latest update with Elaine. There are more interesting things to talk about, I thought. Apparently, that was a tad silly. When I told her, while feeling too drained on Tuesday night to do anything, she ‘gave out’ to me (Irish phrase: gave me a hard time). 

I really don’t want the condition to feel like an ever present in our relationship, but by constantly bringing it up I feel it determining what’s expected of me. I’m told to be careful, to look after myself, to not push myself. Who ever did anything worth mentioning without pushing themselves? Also if I find it dull, surely she must too?

I know it’s my issue – I don’t want to impose my boring medical routine onto others. But, by making that decision for Elaine, I’m removing her right to choose (to be bored). I’m not asking if she wants to know, I’m deciding for her. While the little changes we make to our routine may seem insignificant, they can mean a great deal. I’m still unlikely to tell her everything, but what I really need to do is figure out the little things that can have a big impact and share those. 

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