188/365 – Saying no is hard

I’m lucky to have some incredible childhood friends who have been with me through many good and bad times. They have been incredibly supportive during my MG journey and can be a force to be reckoned with if I push myself too hard. 

Today I’ve had to say no to one of these friends. I was meant to spend this weekend with Sarah, however she told me this morning  she has bronchitis. It occurred to her that it could be risky for me to be around her while taking immunosuppressives. My initial reaction was ‘I’ve been looking forward to seeing my girl – I’ll be fine’. Then I took a second to pause and reflect (big mistake) and checked with the Myaware Young Person’s group.  A few of the members told me what I already knew, but didn’t want to admit. It would be stupid to spend time with my friend while she has an infectious condition. 

The worse part is not being able to be there for my friend. I want to be able to give her some TLC face-to-face. Instead we’re only going to be able to catch up on the phone. Sadly virtual hugs aren’t as effective as real ones.While I understand that my decision is the sensible one, it feels crap. It feels like I’m not able to be there for my friends when they’ve been so supportive.

Thankfully, Sarah has been incredibly understanding. I’ll make it up to her, but for this weekend I just have to stay safe while feeling like a crap friend. 

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