192/365 -Vaccine for myasthenia?

I had an interesting comment last week on a blog post about a lab in Belgium where they are working on a ‘cure’ to MG. A link was attached to the comment and the website showed information about a vaccine called myasterix. 

The website says about the vaccine: ‘Clinical safety, immunogenicity and efficacy of a therapeutic vaccine that combines peptides mimicking antigen receptors on autoimmune B and T cells associated with myasthenia gravis.’ 

It is currently in the testing stage for humans (between 2013 and 2018) after the peptides ‘prevented or improved’ muscle fatigue in a rat model of MG and increased the remission rate to 75% in pet dogs. At present, the team, made up of Belgian, French, Dutch and Austrian organisations, are saying it would only take 3 vaccinations to bring ‘significant and lasting improvement, or even a cure’.

Make of that what you will. I’m intrigued about it, but trying not to get excited. Still, it’s good to know there is more radical work going on to tackle the condition. I’ve asked one of the Myaware team to check out what the medical committee have heard and think about it, so I’ll feedback. 

5 thoughts on “192/365 -Vaccine for myasthenia?”

  1. This sounds most interesting and like you said I won’t get too excited myself; however, it does sound intriguing. I will ask my team of doctors and the MG expert in my area if he has heard of this. One of the experts I see in the states is one of 3 select few that have written books and done research on MG and though I am lucky to have met him and been ‘tested’ upon by such a man I would prefer to know if I can more can be done if possible.

  2. A reader left the following comment on my page today: Good evening from the Netherlands, Yes, I will be treated in 2017 for generalized MG with antibodies ACHR by dr.Jan Verschuuren, my brilliant and humane neurologist at the Hospital LUMC in Leyde in the Netherlands. He directs the team of specialists which has received 6 million euros(!) from United Europe to develop and test this vaccin on humans. Though I am old-as they say, 79 years, female, suffering from Mg since the age of 16, Professor Verschuuren told me in april 201`5 that he expects that the vaccin will diminish my symptoms of MG. As mestinon in a high dose functions less and less well after taking it during almost 60 years, I do hope that in the end I will have a better life.

    Since 40 years I profit from a very nourishing nutrition, rich in protein, green leafy vegetalbes, fresh fruit and a lot of supplements especially choline and inositol. Until recent years I could parttime live an active life notwithstanding lesser energy and a lot of limitations. But I could obtain a doctorate in French literature at the University of Amsterdam, marry and adopt two sons. During 17 years I could teach Creative Writing but only parttime. I coiuld never obtain a drivers license as the coordination of my arms was not sufficient neither the energy to react quickly.

    I have suffered from every symptom of myastenia gravis and my life was saved in Intensive Care. My body does not tolerate corticosteroids or Mytelase.

    Well, our future may be better than forseen. My mother died at age 97 so perhaps I will be able to live some years with a minimum of symptoms. My brain is still functioning well.

    For more information, see: http://www.curavac.com, the company of dr.Stéphane Huberty, who lives an almost normal life since 2010.thanks to this vaccin.

    Up till 2018/ 2019 only patients who have been treated during the last years by Prof.Verschuuren here, can participate.
    I cannot change this though I am here a helper for patients suffering from MG.

    There is alos an excellent French Association where I function as soniapos. See http://www.myasthenia.com. There is a button for translations in English and in other languages.

    Sonja Pos, PHD, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe, 25th of August 2015. (soniapos@xs4all.nl)

    Good luck to you all and please make the best of it. There is hope…

    Mrs. Sonia Pos, PHD, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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