193/365 – Breaking the booze ban

Well, I failed miserably with my booze ban. Normally I opt for moderation over all or nothing pledges, but a break was needed after a heavy weekend. It only took a few days for my body to feel restored and then I gave in to a post work drink. Since then, I’ve not really stopped giving in which wasn’t helped by the selection of open bottles of wine we returned home with.

This weekend I have a good friend from university’s wedding then the week after I’m off to the Scottish Highlands and Islands with Elaine for her birthday. It would be rude not to toast both of these important occasions, but after that it’s time to cut down.

I’ve not been feeling that great recently so I’m going to be proactive with cutting down my alcohol intake. It should help with better quality sleep and boost energy levels, plus it’ll give my hardest working organ a summer holiday.  

Preferring getting up and out in the fresh air than suffering from a hungover all day, I don’t tend to have booze fuelled late nights anymore. But I do enjoy a drink more evenings than I probably should. Planning ahead which nights I’m going to have a drink is a way to cut down and also make sure I’m giving my body several rest days rest inbetween. I’m hoping cutting down gives me the boost I need at the moment.

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