195/365 – London picnic for families with myasthenia 

Next month, August, there’s a chance for families with someone affected by myasthenia to spend time together and make new supportive connections. Held in London’s Alexandra Park, in the north of the city, the day will offer fantastic views, hopefully sunshine and guaranteed good company (Elaine’s going). 

The idea for the picnic came about at the last Myaware Young person’s meetup group. Discussing one of the member’s family situation, the group reflected that it might be useful to bring our loved ones together at an event. Having MG can puts a lot of strain on families/partners etc and, as it’s a rare disease, without charities it’s unlikely you’ll meet someone else in the same position. This is a great opportunity to connect with other people in a similar situation and who have been through the same challenges you have faced.

The plan, at present, is to meet at on Saturday 22nd August at Alexandra Palace at 1pm cafe bar before moving onto the park for the picnic. I’ll update the blog if this changes. If you’re interested in coming along, either join the Myaware Facebook group or email  sarah.hindley@myaware.org.

One thought on “195/365 – London picnic for families with myasthenia ”

  1. I wish I could find bigger things like that for people around here! In the states things are not that big! Awareness is slowly getting bigger! Many people just heard of it for the first time on television through that episode of Empire with Terrence Howard’s character having Myasthenia. I was excited, my friends were even more excited because they were like I know someone that has that and now other people may finally help her. I hope to continue to gain awareness, education, and comfort through my blog as I find more information. I’m still learning how to better network though to connect and link, so soon on my page I will try to have things in my area and maybe in other areas (different countries) that are having events like yours. Yours sounded so pleasant!

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