198/365 – Dizziness and myasthenia

I’ve been called dizzy many times in my life, but had rarely felt the disorientating sensation before myasthenia. Since I started taking medication, particularly the immunosuppressants, I’ve felt that light headed sensation every now and again. 

Usually it happens when I stand up too quickly or if it’s really hot. When I first started noticing it, I thought I wasn’t drinking enough water or getting enough sleep. While both of those are still be true from time to time, it has happened too often to be about just those things. Typing dizziness and myasthenia into google, a couple of pages about vertigo came up linked with mestinon so it’s worth bringing up with my consultant next month.

At this time, it feels like a relatively harmless side effect of my medication but I want to make sure there’s nothing underlying it. When it happens, I have to steady myself on whatever is nearest (for instance a phone box….spot the tenuous photo link) for a second to stop what feels like an oncoming blackout. 

If you have had a similar experience or have any more knowledge about what can cause the dizziness, please comment below.

5 thoughts on “198/365 – Dizziness and myasthenia”

  1. I have had similar issues and my neurologist said that mine was related to my migraines since I had 2 spells before officially being diagnosed. However, as we all know you can have MG long before knowing you have it. I get it more and more and usually when I do not have a migraine and exactly in the way you mentioned. I have had 2 specialized vertigo testing sessions and they came back as normal. There was no inner ear issue or fluid imbalance. They said it was positional but they still believe it was linked to my migraines. However, I do not believe so. Another thing I noticed though is that my blood pressure is lower than it used to be since having MG (mind you it has always been low) but now with it being lower and then dealing with this they said this contributes to my vertigo and they are not sure if a medication is causing that. I am trying to see if that is the link between mestinon, vertigo, and blood pressure right now. I’m sure this left you with more questions than answers but maybe this will give you more to go with when you talk to your doctor if you have low blood pressure as well. *Good Luck*

      1. Mine only started with MG. But became more frequent in the last few months. I have not been able to pin point a link either let me know what you find!

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