199/365 – Last ‘break’ for a while

Elaine and I fly up to Glasgow tonight and will spend her birthday in the Inner Hebrides. On paper, the five day break looks hectic with lots of miles to cover, three Islands to explore and a promise of some action for our walking boots. However, I’ve always found visiting the Scottish isles relaxing due to the laid back mentality – the locals start work at ‘9ish’ – and being immersed in stunning scenery.

It’s Elaine’s first trip to the Hebrides and a life long dream after being delighted by the Scottish travel tales of her grandparents. While trying to see as much of the islands as possible, we’ll also try to get a well deserved rest. This will be our last holiday together for a long time so the emphasis will be on relaxation and exploration in equal measure. 

After a rushed finish at work today, I’m ready for being surrounded by dramatic landscapes, for a dram or two and unruly sheep roaming free. My signal may not be great over the next while, but I’ll try to update the blog when I can. 

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