203/365 – A braw Scottish break

After five glorious days in my beautiful homeland, I’m now on a plane back to London feeling tired but super relaxed. As I recounted in my 202nd and 200th blog, we’ve travelled on four ferries, visited three islands, clocked up around 900 miles in our hire car, seen numerous Scottish wonders and climbed Arran’s highest mountain. Not bad considering we only had four days.

This morning I tried to go on a run, but only had 10 minutes before breakfast so it was more of a short, fast sprint. It’s just as well really because my legs were less than subtlety reminding me of all the climbing they did the day before. I’ve continued to feel heavy limbed today after scaling Goatfell. After convincing Elaine that we should visit the Machrie Moor stone circle (pictured above) on the west of the island, the 4-5km walk felt like a real challenge with my tired wee legs. They made it, but needed some gentle encouragement at times.

The positives

While I’m physically tired, thankfully the fatigue I’ve been feeling in London recently has faded in Scotland. Four out of the five nights we’ve been away I’ve managed to get eight or more hours sleep and I think this has had a significant impact to my energy levels.

 Also, getting out in the fresh air for extended periods has definitely helped. It has made me feel strong but also tired me out in a wholesome way. Give me a wrapped up stroll home over running to catch the tube anyday. 

The negatives

While it might be one of the most beautiful countries in the world, it’s cuisine has got to be one of the most fattening. If I see a cooked breakfast, giant homebake or battered anything in the next while, I’ll be running in the other direction. Also, why does tablet have to be so moreish?! I’m planning a week of nothing but salad to unclog my arteries and delay my imminent diabetes.

Also, Scottish people like a drink for many reasons, a key one being they need warmed up on a chilly July day (I’m coming back in the summer). My liver needs a detox after the last few months and this holiday has been a glorious send off to the joyless land of sobriety.

While I can’t say I’m looking forward to being back in London, I feel in a much better state than when I left. Thank you Scotland for a memorable, fun and healing few days. 

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