206/365 – One perfect day

Earlier this week I had a perfect day. While it included having a date night salsa dancing, meeting new people and having a couple of drinks, what happened in the day had nothing to do with it being perfect. On the other hand, the fact that I had not long returned from holiday time in Scotland  and had more than eight hours sleep each night for the last week had everything to do with it. On Wednesday, my eyes were perfectly in line, neither had ptosis and I felt incredibly strong. For that one day, I could forget about the MG.

While those rare days of harmony are bittersweet, on this occasion it was more sweet than bitter. Sure, the next day I was disappointed when, looking in the mirror, I noticed that the balance had tipped and my right eye was now bigger than my left. Thankfully, after taking my medication, it settled down although it wasn’t quite perfect. 

These perfect days serve to remind me of what more days might be like if I keep looking after myself, get enough rest and following the doctors orders. 

2 thoughts on “206/365 – One perfect day”

  1. Hi,Hope you are doing well. Everyday waiting to get your post, nice to read and hear about how you are coping with the disease. Would like to know how you got that strength to walk long way, ride bikes etc, can you eat well. Even I take the mestinon, I can’t chew well, I got tired easily. Want to know how you enjoy all this, please help me. Awaiting to hear from you. Thanks.

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