207/365 – Eyepatches and myasthenia

Most people of my generation have dressed up as a pirate at some point. With the stripes, hoops and props, pirates are a cool, relatively straightforward, costume option plus who doesn’t want to get into character by swigging a bottle of rum. After the success of Pirates of the Carribean, in most nightspots around the country a group of Jack Sparrows can be spotted trying to out weird each other. As part of the essential get up, eye patches are widely available at fancy dress shops. But the ones from these shops are just that – for play not every day use.

My first MG symptoms, a squint right eye, gave me really bad double vision which continued on and off for at least the first six months to a year after my diagnosis. Thankfully, I’ve not had full double vision for a long time now. During the early days, I taped gauze pads from Boots over my eye (switching each day) to stop me feeling  nauseous and putting myself in danger. I joked with my workmates about giving them one each to draw pictures on so at least they looked interesting. 

Since then, I’ve had two eye patches bought for me as joke presents. Both were from fancy dress shops – the one pictured above went for a classy red ‘satin’ and black ‘lace’ look while the other one had a diamanté strap and rim. Not exactly my style or the style of anyone who doesn’t aspire to be mistaken for a lady of the night. 

I asked the hospital, doctors and chemists whether they knew of anywhere I could get a proper eye patch so that I no longer had to tape gauze to my face but no one knew. I’ve since looked on the internet but even there the options aren’t great. The gap has made me think about setting up my own business, but if anyone knows of any good suppliers that will save me a job please let me know.

2 thoughts on “207/365 – Eyepatches and myasthenia”

  1. Hi my job has to have some in our first aid kit and I saw a few different styles that might work and never thought of buying any to help my double vision (good idea). The supplier is mooremedical.com see if anything there works for you.

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