208/365 – Last minute cycling training 

In just under five week’s time, Elaine and I are scheduled to cycle 60 miles from London to Eastbourne. Due to busy weekends over the last few months, I’ve not had time to get out to build up the distances. Starting to reach panic mode, yesterday I hopped onto my bike and headed out into the sunshine. 

Up until this point, I haven’t cycled more than 20kms and I wanted to do closer to 30 miles. Heading to an old familiar route where I can do undisturbed laps around the outer and inner circle of Regents Park. With the sun blazing, I pushed hard to get through the Camden smog. 

Already with the heat and my body not  feeling at it’s strongest, I could tell 30 miles would be a push. Driving myself around hard, I gave myself a couple of breaks to relax in the sun meaning I was able to do around 40km (26 miles). 

Today my legs are feeling tight but in a satisfying way and I’m ready to try 30 miles or even 60km depending on how I’m feeling next weekend. 

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