210/365 – Second time lucky

With my consultant catch up planned for a week today, I decided togive stepping down the steroids to 2mgs a second chance. The time feels right after being stable at 3mgs for the last few weeks. With my efforts to get better quality sleep, drink less  and not exhaust myself with exercise, I’m hoping for better results this time around. But if I do feel as bad as last time my consultant will see it and possibly provide an alternative option. 

His grand plan for me is to be off steroids and then start reducing the aziathioprine so I’d like to be as close to steroid free as possible. Not just to show him I’m dedicated to being drug free if I possibly can, but also to take back control.

Once steroid free, I may well not be able to do all the things I could before, or at least not to the same intensity, but the long term side effects make it worth trying. As long as I can be a functioning myasthenic, I’ll grow accustomed to less energy and pacing myself. 

Here’s hoping there’s not a third time lucky when it comes to the dreaded 2mgs. I’m feeling fine so far today but it’s very early days. 

4 thoughts on “210/365 – Second time lucky”

  1. Hi it’s me John again. Just to say good luck! It took me all the way down to 1/2 a mg of steroids over two week period to get me off them, over a total of six months and thats a year ago, I am now loosing weight but am still on 200 mg of Azathioprine per day. Anyway once again good luck! John L

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