212/365 -Getting around with myasthenia

Thursday was the second 24 hour London tube strike in the space of two months. Whether running, getting a boat, cycling or skateboarding, people had to get creative with their transport methods. I opted for a running and walking (pictured above on my walk home and the view) combination as the last strike showed me too many inexperienced cyclists (like myself) causing havoc on the choc-a-block roads. 

The strike got me thinking about the difficulties some people have getting around all the time. Then I saw the graphic below by Leonard Cheshire Disability, promoted by the Sun newspaper. The idea behind the article, and the graphic, was to make people feel less bad about their one day struggle to commute. It definitely worked for me – I was shocked to see that on the line I use, Victoria, that a quarter of stations are unusable for people with disabilities. 

   For now, I’m lucky enough to not need assistance getting around but that may not always be the case. Looking at this, I don’t want to be in London if/when that happens – talk about a hostile environment towards disabled people. It’s no wonder the city gets a bad rep for not caring about it’s people with figures like this. 

*dodgy cockney accent* Sort it arrrrtt Landan

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