214/365 – Bike ride in the sun

With the 60 mile cycle looming in my mind, I dragged Elaine out for our longest cycle yet yesterday – a 45 jaunt around London.

We took a scenic route through quiet City back streets, flew past an ever busy Westminster sparkling in the sun and along the speedy cycle highway to the Chelsea bridge. From there, we cut up by the statuesque buildings on Museum Road to the Royal Geographical society’s building. At the 20km point, we took a break to rest heavy legs while checking out the Travel Photographer of the Year exhibition (pics below).   Stretching out in the sun like cats, the thought of doing at least another 20km was not pleasant. But remembering we hadnt even cycled a quarter of the distance we’ll be doing in five weeks time gave us a kick to keep moving. 

Coming back through Hyde Park (Elaine picture below dodging families) and Chelsea, the last downhill free fall to get to Finsbury Park was met with cheers and grins as we made it to the 28 mile mark. 


While it’s less than half of the distance we’re putting ourselves through in September, each new milestone makes it that bit more do-able. 

The best thing for me was that I felt really strong for it after a chilled Saturday and an early night. The steroid reduction didn’t make any difference and in all honesty I could have kept going. As my parents are down to London next weekend, we’ll probably get out for a shorter cycle to keep the strength up with a 45-60miler planned for the weekend after with one of my workmates. It’s getting exciting now. 

2 thoughts on “214/365 – Bike ride in the sun”

  1. Wow! fantastic, for been able to keep riding that long distances. Enjoying the ride and with the strength in the legs help moving through the city across those beautiful sceneries. So please keep it up.

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