222/365 – Creating art with myasthenia: Chinwe Chukwuogo-Roy

Having a rare condition has meant I am always on the lookout for MG role models who manage to fulfil their potential and don’t let their condition hold them back. Particularly, due to my own situation, I’m always looking for those who have had the illness throughout their life rather than being diagnosed with it in later life. This weekend I’ve learned about Chinwe Chukwuogo-Roy – a Nigerian artist who battled MG from her teens and went on to be awarded an MBE for her art. 

Chinwe was born in 1952 and moved to the UK in 1975 to study at the Hornsey college of art and after graduating set up a graphic design business. Alongside the business, she continued to paint, make prints and sculpt. In 2002, she won international recognition for her portraits of Queen Elizabeth II and in 2009 was awarded an MBE. More information about her life and art is available here

Like all of us, Chinwe was so much more than just her myasthenia and looking at her art in the online gallery is inspiring no matter how interested in art you are. While I couldn’t see much written about her myasthenia, in the Guardian obituary it said she suffered from MG her whole life but it didn’t stop her creating beautiful art and being able to travel extensively. 

At Life with Art, an exhibition of entries to an art competition run by Myaware in 2013, Chinwe’s work is highlighted. The exhibition has been on tour around the UK – contact Myaware for more information.  

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