224/365 – Weekend of sightseeing

This weekend, I passed on the long distance cycling and running in favour of sightseeing. My parents were down in London and so I decided to take time off to enjoy quality time with them.

We were out for 12 hours on Saturday; soaking up the VJ day celebrations, exploring the parks of the Thames, attending a Covent Garden festival and enjoying a tipple  in the regenerated area behind King’s Cross.

Another long fun day of exploring and sampling the scones was had in Cambridge on Sunday. We visited many colleges, chilled out with Charles Darwin in his portico and took a trip on a punt with a rather grumpy ‘punter’ steering the ship. 

Alongside the tourist activities, lots of good food was eaten and there was a bit of wine enjoyed too. So when it came to getting up for work on Monday, I felt a bit sluggish after a weekend of indulgence and sleeping on a blow up bed – perhaps more so than I would have expected. Regardless, the important thing is it was lovely to have some unbroken time to enjoy with my nearest and dearest. 


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