228/365 – Stories of people with myasthenia at university – part 2 teacher training

Following on from part 1 about the trials and tribulations of being a medical student, Rachel Aygun, who studied to be a teacher, had to fight hard to get onto the teacher training course she wanted to do at university.

She said: ‘I was diagnosed just before my O level school exams, went to Uni to do an undergraduate . 

‘I was diagnosed just before my O level school exams, but went to Uni to do an undergraduate.

‘I had a relapse during my 2nd year of my undergraduate degree. The uni were very helpful, they held my place until the following year and gave me extra time in my exams due to my weakness affecting my hands.

‘They also chose the option for my placement in France that they thought would work best with my MG.’

So following the support given in her first university, Rachel was surprised when she was rejected from the teacher training course.

She said: ‘I was on a year out as an au pair in France when they rejected my application. I had to leave my job to come back and fight them. I was helped by the student union who backed me. 

‘The uni admitted they had looked up Myasthenia Gravis in a medical dictionary and decided, based on their findings, that I wouldn’t be able to teach. They changed their opinion after an interview with me and I was accepted onto course.’
In Rachel’s case the initial battle to get onto the course paid off. In short, don’t take no for an answer!

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