229/365 – London picnic tomorrow for families with myasthenia

If you’re free and around London tomorrow, there is a Myaware picnic at Ally Pally for people with myasthenia and their families. Kicking off at 12, it’s sure to be lots of fun and hopefully will help make the loved ones of those with MG feel they have a support network.

Sadly my parents have gone back to Edinburgh now, but my London family, Elaine, has kindly offered to come along with me. 

Tomorrow is meant to be a scorching 29 degrees, which sounds great but for some with MG this spells trouble as they weaken in the hot weather. However, don’t worry – Ally Pally has an indoor cafe and a bar with shaded outdoor seating so there are options to keep you cool in the heat. 

Hopefully I’ll see some of you tomorrow but if not I’ll share some pictures of the day in this blog over the next few days. Have a lovely weekend!

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