230/365 – Sharing blood 

In my title, sadly I’m not talking about sharing blood in terms of giving it but rather sharing blood results. I’ve had a nightmare Friday so far all because my consultant and doctor don’t share blood test results. 

Last week, I had what felt like pints of blood taken for my consultant. Yet today, when I went to the doctor to discuss my prescription, I was told I needed to have more blood tests done before they would give me a new prescription. Not only that, but I have to go to a hospital 30 minutes walk away to get this done. Why did I walk you ask? Well annoyingly the buses between my surgery and the hospital have not been running properly today so I was forced to walk in 24 degrees baking sunshine to get there. 

Although it is my fault that I’ve left it late to pick up my prescription, life would be so much simpler if there was a system in place to share blood test results etc between the specialists and GPs. I’m going to push for this arrangement when the new London nurse is in place. Do any of you have an arrangement like this that works?

Still I mustn’t complain, the wait for blood tests has only been 25 minutes so far so I might get to actually do some work today. I’m hoping the buses on the way back are working so that I don’t have to walk all the way back to surgery to pick up prescription. Whinge over…for now.

3 thoughts on “230/365 – Sharing blood ”

  1. My blood tests are done at local surgery ,, but my neurologist has access on the stepping hill hospital website

  2. Same issue here. If done by a specialist then gp doesn’t have them until about a month later when the specialist send a report. They can ring to get them though i believe. South east wales UK

  3. Poor thing! We have a system here in the States at least my particular state after many complaints. Now all hospitals share results finally the system is called EPIC. It is not perfect but we also as patients get the results emailed to us and it’s saved in an online profile that we can access anytime which i helpful b/c I can print it and take it to doctors that do not have the system of if the system is down I can have it in advance for them which I usually have my last copy ready. It’s a lifesaver. Before that system about 2 years ago I had this issue constantly!!!!

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