231/365 – Picnic in the sun

Despite the baking hot sunshine in London today, which led to several cancellations from people who find their myasthenia flares in the heat, the Myaware Young Generation picnic went ahead at Alexandra Palace.

The idea behind the picnic was that family members of people with myasthenia could come along to meet others in a similar situation and trade stories and tips. While no children of people with myasthenia made it along, one mother did and Elaine was representing the other halves. As always at these meetings, it was helpful to share tips, to hear other people’s experiences and to point out the discrepancies between different treatments. Myaware’s Sarah also brought some doughnuts which were much appreciated – as was her presence given the 6.30am start from near Birmingham. 

While it would be easy to be disappointed by the small number of people, given the temperature and the slightly out of the way location, I’m glad that a few of us made it along to support each other. Also, I must apologise for my pose in this photo – was doing my best ‘act natural’ impression.

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