236/365 – Choosing a run over a beer

Today I chose a run over a pint or two in the most boring decision of my adult life. My colleague is going on secondment for a while and the usual suspects headed to our local to wish him well. 

As I stood at the bar, I was full of conflict. As I watched my colleague taking the first sip of her pint, I imagine how good my first sip would taste after a full on day. At the same time, I could feel my trainers kicking me through my rucksack while shouting ‘Oi, no, it’s only 10 days until you have to run a 10km and you’ve not done a proper run in a few weeks’. My trainers won the fight – probably because they were kicking me. 

While I really didn’t feel like it, I’m glad I got some miles in tonight. It was only when I started running that I realise I had only had one mestinon all day – what often happens on busy ones – but my body held out fine over the 8km. After this weekend, it’s unlikely I’ll do another long run before the 10km so the fact that I did near the distance comfortably was reassuring. High on my healthy choice, I even went to the gym afterwards to do some boxing. I’ll need to make up for all this clean living over the Bank holiday weekend. 

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