237/365 – Flu jab and myasthenia 

It’s getting to that time of year again – the air is that little bit cooler, it’s been raining more often than not in the last few weeks and people have started sniffling again. Those of us on immunosuppressants are looking at everyone suspiciously – keeping back and waiting for a telltale sneeze, cough or husky voice. 

One way to stop the cold hating mania is to get to fly jab. I got it for the first time last year amidst all the hype about it being the wrong strand of flu. Either way, I wasn’t sure about whether I would be able to get it but my consultant encouraged me it was perfectly safe. In fact, it was recommended due to the aziathioprine which is lowering my immune system. One thing he did say is that I may feel weakened for a couple of days afterwards, which thankfully I didn’t.

While I had no shortage of chest infections, I can say I didn’t get the flu last winter…then again, I’ve only had it once in my life. The possibility of picking up a strain may seem slim, but I’m going to book myself in shortly to get the jab redone.

 Please do let me know what recommendations you’ve had around the flu jab. 

2 thoughts on “237/365 – Flu jab and myasthenia ”

  1. I sadly seem to instantly get the flu every time I get the shot and the worst case ever after getting it. So my doctors recommend me NOT to get it. My regular physician always pushes me to get it, but it’s because they are total nits that do not read my charts ever. My neurologists makes me wear a surgeon’s mask now during cold and flu season 😦 I usually only wear it at work and in super crowed places.

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