238/365 – Upping my prescription

In my experience, a day that starts with a doctors visit is rarely great. But the outcome of my trip on Friday set me up for a cracking last day at work before the Bank Holiday weekend. 

I had spoken to my consultant a few weeks ago about the possibility of being able to get a longer prescription – starting with two months and hopefully building up to three. He said I needed to sort it out with my GP and that he couldn’t help.

I hadn’t realised that I’m already on a two monthly prescription for all of my medications except the immunosuppressant and I expected a tough sell for that. Especially as I had been made to go for a blood test by the same doctor the week before.

It wasn’t the battle that I was expecting; that might have had something to do with being the lovely drs first patient of the day. She was initially reluctant, but when I promised to do six weekly blood tests, she agreed. I’ll just need to remember to it now, thank goodness for calendar reminders, or the prescription will go back to one month. 


One thought on “238/365 – Upping my prescription”

  1. You could try taking more prednisone every once in a while so you can get rid of your loopy eye, I struggle just taking 25mg of azathriopine I don’t know how you handle 150mg, and remember azathriopine is also bad, it can get you limphoma, tumors, cancer, etc.
    And if you don’t have an adequate diet or if you do but want to complement it more, get omega 3rx (reduces cholesterol and inflammation) and probiotics so your gut gets more protection from all the pills we take.

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