239/365 – Good quality relaxation

What does it take to make you feel properly relaxed when going back to work after a Bank holiday weekend? I feel this Bank holiday weekend has been and gone before I’ve been able to appreciate it properly. 

It seemed quite busy, starting with salsa dancing Friday night away and ending with a cinema double bill yesterday. In between Friday and Monday night, Elaine and I also took a trip through to Essex to see some friends. There were many less hectic moments – like Saturday night – where we just relaxed. 

So what stopped me feeling on top of the world going back to work today? Aside from the crap weather, I’d say the amount of alcohol consumed and the lack of exercise. I had really wanted to go for a long cycle this weekend as my last chance before the 60 miler in less than a fortnight’s time. I also wanted to get out to run a 10km before my race next Sunday. While I managed to squeeze in a 7km run last night, it was tough after the booze and the lack of quality sleep. 

This week I’m hoping to keep it clean, healthy and have some good quality relaxation, before the race on Sunday.

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