246/365 – That sinking feeling when the person sat beside you is sick

As I wrote the last blog about anxiety, it makes sense that not long after publishing I had an anxious moment. Sitting at my desk in Childline, the first sniff was subtle then the coughing started. It wasn’t really until I heard my supervisor talking to my neighbour about going home because she wasn’t feeling right that the anxiety kicked in. She was just coming down with whatever it was, which means she’s still contagious. Shit. The worse thing is this is just the beginning; soon I’ll be surrounded by sick people and with my repressed immune system I’m an easy target for all the germs and viruses.

What do you do in the above situation? Make a fuss about moving seats, when you’ve probably already caught whatever it is, or accept your fate? I chose the latter option – I’d just started an online chat with a young person so I could hardly pick up and leave. Plus it’s awkward to move and not a good way to make friends. 

So far so good, however it normally takes a few days for the sickness feelings to come on. I’ll be anxiously hoping over the next few days that I’ve dodged a bullet this time.

What can I do?

Apart from hiding in your house until winter is over (that’s likely to make you sick in other ways), there aren’t many ways to avoid picking up bugs. 

One thing I’m going to do is get the flu jab – I’ll be intrigued to see if it hits me harder this year now I’m on a higher dose of aziathioprine (immunosuppressant). 

I’m also going to try to ensure I get good quality sleep, eat well ensuring I’m getting all the relevant nutrients and keep myself fit and strong through exercise. 

Stay well everybody!

One thought on “246/365 – That sinking feeling when the person sat beside you is sick”

  1. I work in a school – which is not a great thing when you are immuno-suppressed! I rely on the flu jab and anti bac hand gel to get me through winter!

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