248/365 – Life with Art comes to London

I received a letter this week telling the exhibition I wrote about in my 222nd blog, Life with Art, is coming to London next month. It will be open on Wednesday 14th October – between 11am – 3pm in Enfield. 

The free exhibition will show the work of people from three charities including Myaware. The charities have worked with charity Life With Art to make the show happen and it’s worth a visit if you have time. I form this opinion based on high authority – my mum went along when the exhibition was in Edinburgh and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Sadly I’ll not be able to make it as it’s during the day on a Wednesday – a bit frustrating as it will rule out the majority of working people. Never mind, hopefully I’ll catch it again. If you want to go along, the exhibition being held at:

Capitol House, Enfield, 794 Green Lanes, London, N21 2SH 

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