249/365 – Opting out of cycle

Yesterday Elaine and I made the tough decision to not take part in the 60 mile cycle to Eastbourne today. While we had been preparing for it for a few months, we hadn’t done anywhere close to the 60 mile distance and didn’t feel confident we could complete it. Not to mention it started in Croydon, about an hour and a half from our house, at 9am, neither of us had slept well this week and it was forecast to rain all day. From the few hours we were out cycling in the rain a fortnight ago, to think of that misery all day stripped it of any fun. 
In the spirit of finding time to do what makes you happy, this week I decided to question anything that I felt obliged to do in my spare time. I was dreading the cycle, but not in a nervous anticipation kind of way. In an even if I make it in to Eastbourne, I’m going to be too exhausted to care. 

So instead I had a long lie, watched Jimmy Fallon vs Ellen DeGeneres lip sync battle (Jimmy’s Whip nae nae is outstanding), played tennis, ate some tasty lunch and went to see Legend in the same time it would have taken me to cycle to Eastbourne.  

All the training has been really fun and before it gets too cold I’m going to try to get out for another long cycle. But the right choice was made today…nae nae. 

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