250/365 – Videos about myasthenia 

What makes a great video? Is it humour, cute animals, a catchy song or an interesting narrator? While I understand the question is subjective, these are a few factors  of many that can add to a video’s success in holding a viewer’s attention.

The point of a video can be to entertain, educate, raise awareness or celebrate, but never just provide audio. There should be an interesting visual element to keep a viewer engaged.

Today my attention was drawn through Twitter to the video pulled together to celebrate the success of Myaware’s Kids weekend 2015. It does a great job of pulling together photos, video clips, music and text messages to highlight the good work. Its purpose in this tweet’s context was to raise awareness of the good work the charity is doing for children so that voters would select Myaware as Gamesaid’s charity of the year. 

In comparison to the information videos on Myaware’s site which to me seem to lack that interesting visual element, and are stuffy and stale, this was refreshing. It captures the energy of the work the charity does.

To move forward from the information videos that are out there at present, I’ve spoken for a while about putting together a TedEd video about myasthenia gravis. The challenge will be to make it engaging and fun as well as informative – if you have any ideas for how to do this please comment. 

2 thoughts on “250/365 – Videos about myasthenia ”

  1. Just caught up with your blog! I was one month behind due to holidays etc. Really enjoy reading your daily blog, it is so good. and very informative! You are such an inspiration. It is so good reading how you cope with situations, make choices etc.

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