252/365 – Conference season

As the political parties are about to kick off their Autumn conferences, the Myaware events have already begun. These regional conferences allow people with myasthenia to meet socially, gain support, listen to speakers covering different topics and hopefully come away with a firmer sense of community. 

Doing a tour around the country, the regional conferences have already taken place in Northern Ireland and Chester. Below are the upcoming dates:

  • 27th September – Yorkshire
  • 3rd October -Newquay
  • 18th October – Lincolnshire
  • 27th October – Perth
  • 14th November – Colchester
  • 21st November – Birmingham – Young Person’s conference

The Welsh and Cumbria events are still to be assigned dates. If you fancy attending, or want to find out more, the Myaware website has information about conference season.

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