253/365 – That wiped feeling 

Today, I’m feeling wiped out for the first time in months. A week ago I sat next to someone at Childline who was under the weather and I’ve been hoping ever since that I’d managed to avoid picking up any bugs. It seems that was wishful thinking.

It’s been coming on for the last few days; dizzyness, feeling sick and mainly being totally lethargic. I probably didn’t help the situation by having a few glasses of wine on Sunday night and a hard gym session yesterday (pictured above).

One week later, I’ve not been able to attend my shift due to feeling unwell. After finishing work, the only thing I have energy for is heading straight home to get tucked up in bed with my book, a cup of something hot and a hot water bottle. I’m hoping I can shake it before my friend’s wedding reception at the weekend – if anyone could spare some healing vibes, please send them this way. 

6 thoughts on “253/365 – That wiped feeling ”

  1. Sorry to hear you are not feeling good. Hope you feel better soon and manage to make it to your friends wedding reception in Scotland. at the weekend..

  2. I’m pretty sure its because of the high dose of imuran you’re taking I only take 25mg once in a while and I feel better than when use to take 25 everyday, try reducing your dose and take more prednisone.

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