254/365 – Broody broody broody

Over the last year I’ve noticed myself getting increasingly broody. Call it the biological clock ticking ever louder if you like, but I think it has more to do with my slow acceptance that I can still have children with myasthenia. 

A few days ago I visited Elaine’s cousin and her three month old baby (who I’m pictured with above). I was warned before not to hog the little man as Elaine knows how broody I am, but it took all my strength. Just having the little darling clutch my finger and sit giggling on my knee made my heart melt. Then he had a nap on me and I found myself transfixed. How new mothers do anything other than watching their babies is a mystery to me.

Until earlier this year, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to risk passing on MG to my child. However, my consultant reassured me that the chances are very slim and the feeling that I will do all I can to make it happen has been rapidly growing since then. Regardless of how my myasthenia will be affected, with the right support, I believe I’ll be strong enough. The thought of being a mum when the time is right fills me with joy that my doubts can’t touch.

2 thoughts on “254/365 – Broody broody broody”

  1. As a Mum of 8YO and 4YO with MG , you will be just like every other Mum tired or not ! The rest of it doesn’t end up mattering very much in the face of small people in your life.

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