258/365 – Planning for South East Asia 

For as long as I can remember I’ve been keen to explore far flung places- I’m hooked on the adrenalin and excitement that is brought about when exploring somewhere completely alien. I never feel as alive as when I’m out of my comfort zone. While I’ve seen some incredible places in my 28 years, there are large chunks of the world I’ve never made it to. South East Asia is one of those places and it’s long been on my list. 

Elaine and I have been considering where to go next year – mainly because we are broke at the moment and need some fun travels to look forward to. So the other day, when taking in a charity bookshop, I came across an old edition of Lonely Planet’s South East Asia on a show string. Despite its wrinkled appearance, I couldn’t resist coughing up the £2 and have been adding more wrinkles to it ever since. We’re both excited about the prospect and trying to figure out where to go and when. 

Alongside the excitement, there is something else. Something stronger and the more I read, the more it grows. I’m scared. A bit of nervous apprehension can be expected, but it’s more than that. 

I’m scared about:

  • The medical care that will be available if I get sick
  • Being on immunosuppressants in a continent which my body is completely unfamiliar with
  • Spending a lot of money on a trip I won’t be able to enjoy because I’ll be weak/worried about getting sick
  • What it means for the other places I want to see if this trips fails

These are all natural concerns and I’m not going to let them stop me from going. What I am going to try to do is get myself as strong as possible and get all the injections required with plenty of time to recover. I also plan to use it as motivation to reduce my aziathioprine immunosuppressant. Finally I’ll do some research on what myasthenia gravis is called in the country/countries I’m going to and medical facilities.

If you’ve been to any of the countries in South East Asia with myasthenia gravis, please share your experiences and any tips in the comment box below. 

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