260/365 – Carrying suitcases under my eyes

I’ve spent a lovely weekend in Scotland but boy has it been hectic. I probably didn’t need to tell you that as it’s clear I’m exhausted looking at the photo above. Not only is the ptosis playing up, but I’m carrying more luggage under my eyes than in my hand. 

It started with a late train on Friday – the trains between London and Edinburgh seem to be getting more expensive every trip and there’s always a bit of money off if you take the last train before the sleeper at 7.30pm. It arrives at 12.30am so by the time I catch up with the parents it’s the wee small hours of the morning. Then on Saturday, Elaine and I headed through to Glasgow with my girls to get some food and a catch up before attending the lovely Giorgia and Dave’s Scottish wedding party. Sadly I wasn’t great company as I struggled through my gin and felt an overwhelming need to be horizontal. 

Staying in a hostel dorm of 14, with a girl who kept whispering ‘get out’, a snorer and lots of 5am risers, wasn’t the best place to catch up on much needed zzzzs. Elaine and I were up and out by 9.30 – unheard of on a Sunday. The positive was we got lots of exploring time in Glasgow and, after some much needed brunch, I dragged myself around the West End, Botanics, Glasgow University and Kelvingrove Art Gallery before catching the easy- as-pie subway back to get our bus.   

After crashing out on the bus, I felt a bit energised and went to see Everest with my amiga Steph. There was no chance of falling asleep watching that. By the time we got home to have some delicious Sunday dinner cooked by mother dearest, and chilled for a little while, it was already late and bed was calling. 

Most weekends I try to give myself a good rest by having a lie in on at least one day, but this weekend it didn’t happen. To stop myself feeling exhausted for the rest of the week, and lower the risk of picking up any bugs like last week, I’ll try to catch up tonight. 

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