263/365 – Early mornings and late nights

After a week of early starts for a new work task and late nights due to evening activities, I was feeling exhausted last night. It reminded me of how I regularly felt last year when I had to be in work by 8.30am at the latest and often wouldn’t leave until after 7pm. Those kind of hours start to wear you down and after only a couple of days this week of a similar pattern my eye has been drooping more than it had been recently. 

Today, I’m delighted that I’m working for the Civil Service as on days where I start to feel exhausted and my condition flares, flexible working comes in handy. The body is an amazing machine though – I’ve started later today, allowing myself a full eight hours sleep, and already there is a significant difference both in my energy levels and my eye ptosis. 

With a relaxed weekend planned, I’m hoping to catch up on all the precious sleep I’ve missed this week. Happy Friday everyone!

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