264/365 – Clean up to Christmas

This week, Summer has felt like a distant memory  – it takes a little longer in London – as scarves and winter jackets have been re-appearing for cold mornings and evenings. I’ve been slacking a little with my exercise regime recently and when I hit the gym on Friday lunchtime I had a disappointing rowing time for 1,000m (as pictured above). With no other fitness challenges lined up this year, due to the events season being just about over, I need a plan to keep myself motivated to stay fit between now and Christmas. I want to be in the best shape possible as I continue stepping down the last 2mgs of steroids and then hopefully begin the same process for immunosuppressants. 2016 could be the year I try being medication free, but I’ll need to be strong to do it. That will take a tough exercise schedule but also a healthier diet again.

Exercise plan

I’ve decided to start planning 4 fitness sessions during the working week and my plan is to make at least 2 of them after work to stop me spending money while being unhealthy socialising in the pub. I’ll be spending at least an hour each day keeping my body strong and then if I do exercise at the weekend it can be for fun – like playing tennis or going to a salsa class/club. 

Elaine told me this week that everything the British Rowing Team did in the build up to the 2012 Olympics, they asked themselves ‘will it make the boat go faster?’ I need to apply the same principle over the next few months to choices I make – ‘will it help me come off medication?’. If I start to feel that the exercise is having a negative impact on this question, I’ll re-evaluate.

Diet and lifestyle

While I’ve continued with some parts of the gluten-free, dairy-free and fun-free adapted diet I had at the start of this year, mostly gluten-free and eating soya yoghurt, I’ve slipped up and have been consuming a lot of sugar, caffeine and salt.  

My plan for the next few months is to continue the kind of meals I’ve been eating, as they are mostly healthy, but adapt the way I’ve been snacking. Try to eat popcorn rather than crisps, 70% dark chocolate only and try to cut back my caffeine to one coffee and one tea a day.

I know from before how much better cutting out the unhealthy snacks and gluten made me feel so it’s time to try again. I feel that will help me come off medication. 

Additionally, I’m going to try getting 8 hours sleep every night as that will help my body cope  with the medication reduction.

One thought on “264/365 – Clean up to Christmas”

  1. Do you think caffeine has a negative side effect? I only ask because I was a 2 pop a day drinker & have not had one in almost 2 weeks. I am not drinking 2 black tea s day to replace my caffeine. I bet the benefits of tea are better than pop??? Hopefully

    Good luck with the work out plan, I’m sure you will be just fine. But maybe don’t try rowing 😀

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