265/365 – 100 posts to go

Nearly 10 months after I started blogging every day for a year about living with myasthenia gravis, I have reached another big milestone – 100 posts to go. It’s been a while since I looked at how the blog’s performing and thought about aims with the time I have left, so this seems like a natural point to do so.

 For some reason in the image below my counter is saying I’ve done 263 posts which would make this 264 – I’ll need to check this. I’ve reached 6,145 visitors and the blog has had close to 23,000 views. I’ve had readers from more than 50 countries around the world.

  On average I get more than 20 views from google search everyday and I think if I refined my titles to be more search engine friendly this could jump. The blog posts that tend to do the best are those with strong key words like ‘myasthenia’ and ‘diet’. So that’s one job for me over the next two months.

The reason I set out to write the blog was to provide some information and advice for those who have just been diagnosed, to motivate those that feel they can’t live a normal life with the condition (while understanding that it affects everyone differently) and to raise awareness so that people would talk about myasthenia to people they know. I feel I have done the first two parts, but I still have some work to do on the last aim.

Raising awareness

One of the evaluation courses I did at work explained that raising awareness in itself can’t be an SMART objective as it’s too vague and not really measurable. So in the last 100 days, I’m keen to get the blog out to a wider audience and that’s going to take a bit of work. I’ve got one thing lined up, which I’ll write about separately this week, but I need to do a bit of a PR campaign. 

Setting future direction 

Over the next few months I need to have a clear plan and bloggers lined up for the next stage -more on that soon. If you’d like to get involved in the next stage, drop me an email.

3 thoughts on “265/365 – 100 posts to go”

      1. I don’t think you’ve missed something, each topic covered. Recently you write on thymectomy and how long it has taken for you to recover. When you are young you heal quickly. September was my sixth months from thymectomy. Still not seen any improvement. Without Mestinon, couldn’t do anything. Awful sideeffects. Keep writing, will follow your blogs.

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