268/365 -Myasthenia gravis around the world

Facebook is a wonderful thing not least because of all the interesting content that gets shared by the people we choose to surround us in the virtual world. Last week, one of my connections, and a member of Myaware, posted this fantastic map of Myasthenia Gravis around the world.

Hosted on the disease map website, this crowd sourced map asks people to add themselves and you can see that there are very few continents which aren’t touched by MG – Asia looks like the least affected but I imagine this may not be translated into different languages?

As you can see from the image above, the purple sign of women dominate this map so if you are a male with myasthenia please add yourself to it so the tool gives a better reflection of those affected around the globe. This is probably due to the fact that MG tends to affect women at a younger age and they are more likely to be digitally savvy due to being younger.

When you zoom into the map, you can click on the individual people to see the information they have added (like the image below). This means if it reaches a wide enough audience this map might even be useful for research or collaborating on awareness raising/fundraising around the globe. It may also be useful to see if there is someone near tou with the condition – it help us feel less alone . 

If you haven’t already added yourself to this map (which I haven’t) then please do so if you feel comfortable.  

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