267/365 – Water sports and myasthenia

In a few weeks time in hoping to go paddle boarding for the first time. This is one of a few water sports that looks really fun and relaxing, but never had an opportunity to try. Sadly, I have to be quite picky about where I do it.

Immunosuppressants and open water

When I first got put on aziathioprine, my consultant warned that it would be risky to go into open water that is stagnant. He said there are strange types of bacteria and infections lingering in the stagnant water and, with my lowered immune system, I’d be more susceptible to picking them up. 

This ruled out my swims in Hampstead Heath ponds, the temptation to give wind surfing another try and my burning desire to do a triathlon (although I have since found that some host the swimming part in a pool which would be fine). I’ve never researched the different conditions that can be picked up, and I’m wondering if any of you have been given similar advice or even picked anything up from being in lakes, lochs or ponds?

Types of water sports to be careful with 

Any sports that involve being in water where germs are likely to stagnate. I’ve tried to research whether rivers are ok, but I can’t see any conclusive information.

Due to this, I’d say be careful with any water sports that aren’t in the sea if you are on immunosuppressants. Please let me know if you’ve heard anything more thorough around this.

Sports in the sea should be fine, like  those in the list below, but consult your doctor first:

  • surfing
  • kiteboarding 
  • sea kayaking
  • body boarding
  • water skiing
  • jet skiing
  • swimming
  • snorkelling

I’m not sure if there is any advice against scuba diving due to the pressure?

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