269/365 – Using digital tools to tell the myasthenia story

Following my last post about a crowd sourced map of people with myasthenia, it got me thinking about other digital tools we can use to tell the myasthenia story.

As my job is in the digital sector, I’m always investigating different tools and I’ve recently been trying Flipagram. 

So in this blog I’m passing you over to this Flipagram I’ve put together of some of the highlights of my 2015 year of blogging

The idea of taking photos every day was to show the fluctuations in my condition and this tool is a great way to give a quick overview.

I’ve used Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Facebook before this to get the message out about MG and this blog. I also want to use Ted lessons to create an animation about Myasthenia. But, as part of my raising awareness agenda, I’m going to try out a few other tools like Flipagram to tell MG stories in a more creative way.

Let me know if you’ve got any ideas for other tools to try. 

2 thoughts on “269/365 – Using digital tools to tell the myasthenia story”

  1. hi fellow MGer!
    I was recently diagnosed at age 31 with MG. Its been almost 5 months and I’m finally getting more courage to read more about it. I feel like I’ve only seen negative comments and couldn’t emotionally deal with it. Thank you for writing some positive details about your life! What a relief! I wish there were more support groups? Maybe you can help me find other sites/groups to help me deal with this dx? I would love to start my own blog but have no idea where to start? Any tips I am interested. Take care!!

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