271/365 – Exhausted but happy

As my three day weekend draws to a close, I’m struggling to keep my eyes open to write this. Elaine’s parents have been visiting and it’s been all go go go since Thursday evening. We went to see Diana Krall at the Royal Albert Hall followed by the Late Late Show at Ronnie Scott’s, Friday was a full day and evening exploring Oxford, and Saturday we walked all over North London taking in the sights (around 8 miles worth of walking). Today, I was up early for a Childline shift before a trip through to see my friend Sarah in Southend. 

As I write this on the train home from Southend, my body is craving the fresh sheets on my bed and 12 hours of sleep too deep for dreams. It’s been one of those necessarily busy ones that I really enjoy, how could I not with all I’ve been up to. To compensate, I’ll try to have a relaxed week to let my body catch up on rest filled with yoga, massages, healthy food and early nights. Hopefully this gets me looking and feeling a little less shattered. But first, sleep time.

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