274/365 – Tired but continuing stepping down

It’s the third days of my reduced steroids dose and I’m definitely feeling it. For most of the first day I felt a little tired, the hangover to a busy weekend, but I was able to give my lunch time abs class the same amount of welly as normal. By Monday afternoon I was struggling to focus and if there was a bed handy I would have been curled up in it fast asleep. All I had energy for was making a ready meal and vegging out with Netflix. 

Getting eight hours sleep, I was still completely exhausted when I woke up on day two. There was a meeting I had to be in early for so I dragged myself out of bed and made it into the office with time to spare. Slurping back coffee like it was going out of fashion, I had a manic day of running from one on one planning meetings to Whitehall- wide events. Managing to squeeze in a yoga session at lunch, my muscles were struggling to hold longer poses as they adapted to the change. 

This morning I also had a struggle getting moving but thankfully there is no sign of the low moods that have plagued me as I’ve stepped down previously. It’s still early days and I normally give myself one- two weeks before deciding whether I need to step back up.

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