276/365 – Pill cutter

After a tough week of long days at work, I was exhausted by Thursday night and decided to step back up to 2mgs of steroids on Friday. Within 10 minutes, it felt like I had been given a shot of adrenalin. I did a  yoga session at lunch and felt strong and stable.

I had spoken to a colleague, during the week while feeling completely drained, and she suggested getting a pill cutter and just stepping up a half mg. However, I didn’t get around to picking a pill cutter up, available from Boots, so back up to 2mgs I went.

Tomorrow, I’m going to try going back down to 1mg and also pick up a pill cutter so that if I’m struggling again I can try the rest of the stepping down by half mgs. 

2 thoughts on “276/365 – Pill cutter”

  1. Silly question. But. Is there a difference between your mg unit measurement and the U.S. mg? I take 30mg of prednisone and at one point I was taking 60mg. I can’t imagine only taking 1 or 2 mg. also. I’ve been told by my doctor that playing with the dosage is counter productive because of the time it takes our bodies to adjust to an dosage adjustment. Do you really see a difference and how quickly?

  2. I’ve never seen 1mg pills of prednisone, where I live they only sell 5 and 50mg. I don’t know why do you have the urge to stop taking your medication, that will only make your disease stronger. Prednisone helps your body to reduce the high inflamation caused by the crazy inmune system, taking azathriopine at the amounts you’re taking is far more dangerous than taking 5-10mg of prednisone. I have MG and only take 7.5mg of prednisone, and ocassionally take 25mg of immuran. I always see you doing posting about your walks and exercise but I also see you don’t have much muscular tone..? Is that a symptom of MG..?

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