281/365 – Emergency appointment

For the first time since spring, I’m back on antibiotics. My throat started to feel like it was on fire last night and, when it continued to feel that way this morning, I booked an emergency doctors appointment. 

Unlike last time, where blood tests and swabs were taken before antibiotics could be prescribed, my doctor took a quick look at my throat, told me it was very enflamed and sent a prescription directly to my pharmacy in under five minutes. 

His advice for pain relief was a first for me from a GP: Ginger or lemon tea and honey whenever possible. He also recommended avoiding dairy for the next few days. Lemon and honey would be my natural healers of choice but I’ve not had them recommended by a medic before.

I feel a bit indifferent about today other than a little disappointed as I was hoping to play some tennis over the weekend. Thankfully, I feel well enough for work as it is very busy at the moment and hope to kick the infection out over the next few days. One thing is for certain – it’s made me even more determined to reduce my immunosuppressants. 

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