284/365 – Exciting line up at Myaware conference

Next month, people from all over the UK and Ireland will travel to Birmingham for the annual Myaware conference for people under 40. 

I wasn’t sure that I was going to attend as every weekend up until Christmas has something on for me at the moment and, just looking at the schedule, I feel like I need a break. However, the lovely community, Myaware’s Sarah and the interesting line up have convinced me to attend on the Saturday. 

The agenda is:

11am-11.15am: Coffees and Registration

11.15am-11.20am: Introduction and Welcome

Sarah Hindley, Regional Organiser, myaware

11.20am-11.30am: Icebreaker Session

Sarah Hindley, Regional Organiser, myaware

11.30am-1pm: Keynote Speech, including Questions and Answers

Dr. Fiona Norwood, Consultant Neurologist, King’s College Hospital, London

1pm-2pm: Lunch

2pm-4pm:Optional Workshops – see below

4pm-4.25pm: Charity Update

Ruth Ingledew, Chief Executive Officer, myaware

4.25pm-4.55pm: Tai Chi and Meditation for Myasthenia

Heather Lomas

4.55pm-5pm:Raffle results and close of day

Sarah Hindley, Regional Organiser, myaware

6pm-8pm: Dinner – thestudio

10pm: Taxis to the Eaton Hotel from thestudio

Optional workshops:

  • Employment, Finances and Myasthenia -Steve Bradshaw, Benefits Officer, myaware
  • ‘Mind over Matter’ – Robert Heaven, Counsellor, myaware
  • Managing Myasthenia Day-to-Day – Mary Quirke, Specialist Nurse, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford
  • Diet and Myasthenia- Farah Suleman, Dietitian, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham

The weekend away takes place on the 21 and 22nd November. For more information, contact sarah.hindley@myaware.org

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